Digital Securities + Blockchain Development

Side Gig

Have an exceptional deal flow and want to expand into Digital Securities Market?

 Why not put your network to work with a generous 20% revenue share?


Who You are

Fintech, Regtech or Fund Manager, Advisor or similar role seeking a fully compliant (safe) means for your clients to access tokenized assets, equity, cash flow, or IP. Our partner ecosystem represents the top of the industry, globally.

You are in a major market, have numerous high-level contacts and want to get involved in digital securities, without sacrificing your quality of life.


Rather simple. Bring a potential high-quality project to Sharkaroo that closes, and you will receive 20% of the revenue share from the projects life cycle.

STO offerings typically start around $10M with our fee structure generally in the range of 1% - 2% of total offering.

You: manage your client relationship
We: do the magic to make it happen

What onboarding looks like

  1. One to two initial meetings, so that you get to know us, and us, you

  2. Background check, specifically Bad Actor check as defined by the SEC for US roles, similar due diligence for other jurisdictions

  3. Mutual NDA (with a strict no talent poaching clause)

  4. Agree to honour IBM’s Code of Conduct (we adopted it)

  5. Working directly with one of the founding team for the first few months until you have your sea legs under you

  6. Technical integration (this is easy) email, Slack, and various communications channels

  7. Waiting for your business cards to show up (the anticipation mounts)

  8. Access to multiple education channels if you wish to do a deep-dive


Want to learn more?

Contact Crispin Courtenay on LinkedIn or email