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Sharkaroo Partners

A $50M deal is just another day at work.

Market Focus

Sharkaroo has two current focus areas which revolve around Fintech and Regtech:

  • Security Token Offerings (STO’s), Digital Securities, Tokenized Assets and whatever tomorrows trendy buzzword happens to be.

  • Bespoke Blockchain development which can frequently include AI and IoT.


If you are interested in working with the Sharkaroo team, here is what you need to know.

We like to only work with the best. This is not that difficult to quantify, your existing clients love working with you, you are considered a thought leader in your industry segment and have your processes and procedures dialed in. Quality is baked into the process. Sharkaroo clients do not come to us looking for bargains, they come to us for solving their business requirements with solutions that are bullet proof.    

You do not rest on yesterday’s success, and there is a spirit of continuous learning that permeates throughout your organization.

You and your team have a cultural fit with the Sharkaroo team, and more importantly our clients. 

You are able to take risks and fail. Many Sharkaroo projects are on the bleeding edge of what is technologically possible, often pure R&D and have never before been attempted. You must have a culture of daring bravely and look at failure as part of the evolutionary process in designing complex solutions.

  • Professionalism, your conduct when interacting with Sharkaroo Team, Partners or Clients matters.

  • Accountability, promises are met.

  • Communication is open, free flowing and frequent.

  • Diversity is in our DNA, we have had a global outlook since day one.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Crispin Courtenay and set up a time to discuss.