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Swarm Fund + Sharkaroo

Sharkaroo is happy to announce a new working relationship with Swarm Fund where Sharkaroo and its international partner network will be providing consultation, and life-cycle management of the digital securities offering process to select SWARM clients.

We are excited to support and ultimately expand upon the SWARM Market Access Protocol (MAP), which is a comprehensive suite of tools, offering a fully regulatory compliant framework designed specifically to support digital securities offerings. The complete platform should be ready for public release in late August, 2019.


Learn more about the Market Access Protocol.

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SWARM's tokenization infrastructure is an open, full-stack solution for the life-cycle management of a Security Token Offering (STO). They make token creation, configuration, fundraising, and issuance easy and free. Their tech enables issuers to manage post-distribution activities such as token redemption, dividend issuance, asset governance, investor administration, reporting, and communications seamlessly.


SHARKAROO is a global digital securities project manager, consultant, and blockchain developer, providing their clients with complete life-cycle management paired with best-in-class partners for their digital securities requirements.



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