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Sharkaroo Master Nodes

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Why is Sharkaroo Hosting Master Nodes?

In part it is to help new technologies evolve a healthy ecosystem, and for existing networks we seek to add both resilience and throughput speed to the network.

No Really, Why?

Creating a robust fail-over cloud environment, while non-trivial for many, is an easy task for our team, so why not support other startups in our marketspace?

What is a Master Node?

A Masternode adds consensus, fault tolerance increased transactional processing and a trusted provider to a given blockchain network and then supports the network by hosting a copy of the distributed ledger in real time.

Does Sharkaroo Get Paid for Being a Master Node?

Indeed, sometimes we do, and if we are exceptionally lucky it may even cover cloud hosting costs for the month, with perhaps enough left-over to buy everyone a coffee. We host master nodes to help the blockchain communities grow, and to act as a trusted provider.

Will you create a master node for my solution?

Perhaps - let’s talk and review your project. You can reach Sharkaroo here.

Architecture Overview

When Sharkaroo supports a master node, we seek resilience within our own network. This means at an absolute minimum three nodes on a failover, multi-cloud environment. Short of an Asteroid Strike or Zombie Apocalypse, at least one of our servers will be ticking over. We also commit to a minimum hosting duration of one year, with extensions and cancellations being fully public information.

Stay Tuned, have a few launches planned after Summer Vacations are over.