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This is by no means an inclusive list of the global service providers for the Digital Securities marketplace, these are companies or individuals with a solid track record, that we know personally, have worked with or are our business partners.

The list is biased, towards companies that we enjoy working with, or perhaps more importantly, you will. Sharkaroo generally only works with the best in the industry, so you will not see discount platforms listed here. Jurisdictionally we try to stay with large countries and not island nations or places that a layman cannot find on the map.

If you would like an unbiased list please see Security Token Network


Consultants and Digital Securities Project Managers

Sharkaroo - San Diego + Bangkok
Medium - Large Global Offerings, Bespoke Blockchain Architecture & Product Management. Small-Cap offering framework Q3 ‘19


Application Developers

IBM - Global

ELEKS - Global

Cap Table Management

Cloud Hosting


Custodian & Escrow Services


Prime Trust

Financial Audit

Investor Relations

Issuance Platforms

Token Soft






KYC/AML Providers


Prospectus Creation

Secondary Markets (Live)




Secondary Markets (Soon)

Securities Attorneys

Securities Filing

Security Testing & Audits

UI/UX Design + Visualization

Underwriters + Broker-Dealers

**Many Issuance Platforms and Secondary Exchanges also have an integrated Broker-Dealer, so there will be some repetition here. To-date, there are no dedicated underwriters in the Digital Asset Marketspace, however, we expect this to change as these offerings become more common-place.

Seamico Securities

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