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The following positions are non-client facing, and offer flexible hours to accommodate your schedule and life. Unless otherwise specified these roles are on-demand as required. Payment can go through UpWork or direct through Sharkaroo and Transferwise, please let us know your preference. Freelance positions are entitled to performance and project bonuses as appropriate.

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We openly encourage people to freelance for Sharkaroo prior to joining us for a full-time career, so try us on. If you like us, and the feeling is mutual, then let’s make a career out of it, and see where you end up. Sharkaroo is a fast growth company, so many opportunities to find your niche, or create a new one.
Our freelancers get the first kick at the can when a new position is created.

Please only send your LinkedIn profile and a link to projects you have worked on, or your portfolio. We have zero interest in sorting through resumes!



Analyst - Equity

Analyst - CRE - Signature Properties

Analyst - Winery & Luxury Brands


You will be leading point with presales and project management teams on how various securities laws and regulations interact with each other on a global basis, especially pertaining to issuance, secondary trading and smart contracts. This is a highly complex role and requires constant learning and existing expertise. You will be backed by our corporate counsel when the going gets tough.

Paid Training - 20 hours per month + materials as required, up to 6 national and international seminars or conferences a year. All relevant certifications paid.
Fast Track - This position is eligible for direct-hire after 60-days.



You understand that we have a global audience and can write in both US English and Standard English. Possess both blockchain and fintech experience. Can be given a topic and you will run it down. Background in journalism highly beneficial. Not timid about reaching out to though leaders or high-profile CEO’s. Dogged determination and audience appropriate writing style.


Sharkaroo will be producing a State of the Industry Report: State of the Global Digital Securities Market. You will be primary lead on this project, which will be updated on a quarterly basis. Will work closely with analysts, research, graphics, infographics and similar roles.

Able to distill complex technical concepts into an easily understood report.

Research and journalistic background highly valued. Formal citation and organized train of thought a must. Familiarity with Blockchain, Digital Securities, Tokenization and Management Consulting beneficial.

Initial project duration - two months, with weekly review.
High-profile - this whitepaper will be distributed globally to CEO-level audience.

Technical Writer Whitepaper

Both right and left brained - you distill highly complex information, both financial and technical, into easy to digest and understand diagrams that are visually appealing and instantly understood.


Internal - WebDev

We are keeping things quite simple and using SquareSpace for the time being. It works, it’s mostly elegant and it is fast. Take our rough pages and polish them. Expand our existing template and make it ours. SEO experience quite helpful. Experienced in form, newsletter and CTA design, with A-B or multivariate testing skills. Works closely with related creative roles. Frequent analytics review and content recommendations. Exposure to managing localized sites (multi-lingual) and microsites beneficial.

This is a ghost writing role - sorting through the founders existing tens of thousands of contacts and creating new ones as appropriate. LinkedIn Messenger is a hateful piece of software and if a conversation scrolls away it is likely lost forever making it too large of a time suck for us to use individually. This is highly confidential role. You are highly articulate and can think on your feet, each contact needs a personal touch. Bonus points if you are native French speaker (not Quebecois).

Immediate Goals
1) Maintain contact with likely prospective clients, partners and thought leaders - simply strike up a conversation and keep us top of mind.
2) Contact investors that are interested in our deal-flow newsletter - weekly update and monthly summary. Audience is Broker-Dealer, institutional, family-fund and high-net-worth investors.
3) Connect with high-profile individuals in our market-space.

LinkedIn Guru



You will provide over-capacity resources and directly manage internal team and vendors (up to 15) for each Digital Security Offering/Security Token Offering. Each project has a 2 - 6 month life-cycle from signing to issuance with the majority of the workload happening in the first two months. PMP or similar experience ideally in the fintech marketspace. Extensive support will be provided on first few projects.

Paid Training - 10 hours per month + materials as required, up to 4 national seminars or conferences a year. All relevant certifications paid.
Fast Track - This position is eligible for direct-hire after 60-days.

Project Manager

You are a cat herder, detail-oriented, OCD-trending person, juggling all the disparate personalities, information and schedules involved in a digital securities offering.

No or can’t are not in your lexicon.

Project Coordinator

Experience with proposal-stage, engagement and post-project review. CPA with a background in semi-complex simultaneous projects (up to 15 vendors) preferred. Familiar with Digital securities and tokenization for bonus points. Background in analysis or project auditing, beneficial.

Project Budgeting & Accounting

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