Digital Securities + Blockchain Development

Digital Assets Overveiw


What do we call assets, debt and revenue share utilizing blockchain?

This is an interesting question as the market is changing so rapidly, so do the buzz words - the following terms are generally interchangeable: Tokenization, Digital Securities Offerings (DSO), Security Token Offering (STO), Digital/Digitized Securities, finally Digital Assets, which is the US SEC’s terminology, so good enough for us!


A digital asset is a tokenized asset or debt placed on a blockchain environment and is a novel means to utilize existing equity, either to take money off the table, or to pursue new opportunities. All while being able to place the offering with a new investor class that is not normally eligible to participate in these offerings. In return the investor has almost instant liquidity (once restricted trading ends) and ideally trades on a national exchange or Alternative Trading System (ATS). No longer is an investor required to hold an illiquid asset for five to ten years prior to a liquidity event occurring. Digital Assets are fully regulated by the jurisdictions that their offer is being placed.

Bespoke Digital Assets are best suited for well established companies with a strong track record and considering an offering starting at $25M USD and up.

Turn-Key Digital Assets may be appropriate for a late-stage startup that is enjoying considerable traction, with a veteran founding team, seeking to raise $5M USD and up.

 What is a Digital Asset?