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Current position

Sharkaroo is self-funded by the founding team. Two of the three founders have one or more successful ongoing businesses, the third is all-in but financially independent. We are not a typical starving founder’s startup team desperately waiting for the next funding round. We are all experienced entrepreneurs and enjoy financial stability in our lives.

This allows Sharkaroo to be highly selective about who we talk to – yes significant funding would greatly accelerate the deal flow, market penetration, and R&D efforts. But who, and what they bring to the table are far more important to us than the money involved.

What we are looking for from an investor or syndicate

1)      We enjoy your company, and you are someone that we want to work with, and in an absolute best case scenario, look forward to spending time with. The acid test, someone that we would enjoy sharing a bottle of beer with after a very long day.

2)      You understand that you will be stuck with us for the next 2 – 5 years before there is an exit event, and you pull your weight and help Sharkaroo grow. Perhaps that is through introductions, perhaps you lend us your technical or operations expertise to make ours tick over like a finely tuned Swiss watch. Perhaps you just accompany us to trade shows and help work the crowd. In any event, you are an active investor, with a vested interest in helping us grow and overcome typical obstacles faced by startups. We have no interest in someone that writes a check and then sits back and expects a unicorn to appear out of thin air. What we do is hard work, in a constantly fluctuating market, many hands make light work out of the most difficult problems.

3)      Fairness and transparency. If we have to aggressively pit our legal team vs. yours when negotiating a term sheet, well this is just going to be an ultimate waste of time. We are not novices at finance, actually quite the opposite (Sharks ß), and we want the equity position to be fair for all involved. We want there to be an upside, hopefully, a great deal of upside. When it comes to the exit, be able to look each other in the eye, shake hands, say; “Thanks for the ride!” and move on to the next great adventure.   

Market Philosophy

We detest the current trend of business models of burning through billions of dollars to gain market share in hopes of one day creating a profitable business model. Anything, everything we touch has both current and long-term profitability built-in. Every project is profitable, with a nice margin and usually a share in the up-side, or we do not touch it.

If you cannot start a profitable business from day one, perhaps you have no business being in business!

Current Ownership

As two of the founding team are French nationals an egalitarian approach (on a 3-year vest) was the most logical distribution of founder’s shares. It was a discussion that lasted less than 60 seconds so that we could get on to the more serious business of closing deals in our pipeline. When we agree to disagree, rock-paper-scissors is our mode of solving deadlocks (this is in our corporate charter). Point being, we know there will be times we disagree and we wanted a gentleman’s way of overcoming a deadlock without animosity or ill-will, end of the day we are all still friends and are pulling the same direction on the oars.

Sharkaroo has no outside investors at present.  


To-date, Sharkaroo has spent as little money as possible without affecting our marketing. In turn, our marketing is a direct person to person via our professional networks, and we are in no hurry to change that, as this approach is what has worked best so far. We may want to ramp-up content marketing, DRIP marketing and remarketing in the near future, but so far we have more than adequate deal flow finding its way to our front door.  

Where we are not afraid to spend money is on talent and tools, here we want the best of the best. However, we have such large and established partner networks that there has not been a need to onboard any staff yet, as we can get their expertise pretty much on-demand. This will change as the company grows, but currently, outsourcing is serving us perfectly and incurs limited fixed burn-rate.  

As we go heavy into the digital securities market with offering sizes frequently exceeding $50M, client expectations may be that we have prestige offices offering Champagne and a Barista, but until this is proven we are quite happy to drop into a WeWork, Starbucks or rent a Hotel Auditorium for the day. We did have a dedicated office in downtown Bangkok for six months, but no one ever used it, not once, so we shut it down.

Founding Team Talent

Richard, JP, & Crispin all could go get a job tomorrow as CTO for nearly any sized company. Sharkaroo is very tech-heavy in brainpower and expertise. It is quite rare to have this much tech talent in a single startup. By the same note all founders have multiple startup ventures under their belt, so putting on the CEO, sales or marketing hat to fill an immediate need is second nature.

Team Diversity

There are no current weak spots in our founding team per se, we have both overlapping, complimentary skills and experience. We are light on both diversity (a Frenchman, a Corsican, and a Canuck walk into a bar…) and Gen Z’s influence. However most of our clients tend to be Senior Executives in their mid-40’s – 60’s, young startups cannot generally afford an STO, so maybe we are right where we need to be.

We will need to recruit for some more esoteric tech positions and add some experienced financial analysts and sales team in the near future.

Remote Team Experience

All of the founders have up to 20-years’ worth of experience managing and directing remote international development and sales teams and their corresponding projects. Having a distributed workforce, allowing Sharkaroo to utilize the best talent available globally, is not some novel experiment, it is just our normal mode of operation. It would be weird for us to work any other way.




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